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Originally called the ‘Ministry of Transport’ test, it’s now just an MOT. Either way, it’s a safety and legal must for cars, motorbikes or any other vehicle, ensure you know the rules to give your car the best chance of passing – and staying safe – for less.

Most MOT failures are down to the simplest of things. A blown bulb of worn windscreen wiper can mean the all the difference to headache free motoring. Such simple things can be avoided quite easily if we take the time to do a pre MOT inspection ourselves beforehand. Changing lightbulbs and windscreen wiper blades is well within the abilities of most of us yet in 2007, out of 2,106,946 MOT tests carried out 580,754 failed first time.

Forty percent of MOTs fail first time, and far too many are due to a simple avoidable reason. Don’t worry — this is common sense, not mechanical sense. Some of the fails you can sort yourself, others will need a professional. Either way, sorting it pre-test is usually cheaper.