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Choosing the Right Tyres

What do I need to know about tyre law?

The law on tyres in the UK is comprehensive for good reason. Tyres ultimately mean safety. Driving with worn or damaged tyres drastically increases the risk of an accident. You could face a steep fine and 3 points per tyre on your driving license if you drive with damaged or worn tyres.

The legal limit of a tread depth for your tyre is 1.6 mm around the whole tyre. Checking the tread depth is easy, many tyres have tread wear indicators. These indicators are small raised areas at the bottom of the grooves. If the surface of the tread rubber is level with these raised areas then the tyre depth is most likely very close to the legal limit, or below it!

You can also use a 20p coin to measure tread depth. Simply insert a 20p coin into the lowest tread depth of your tyres. If you can see the outer rim of the coin, your tyre depth is less than 3mm and you should consider replacing that tyre.

Specialist tyre depth gauges are also widely available from most car shops, so you can ensure you keep on the right side of the law and more importantly, you can keep safe!

What tyre size do I need?

You'll find the tyre size on the side of your current tyres. The tyre size looks something like '225/45r18 91w'. It's important to check both front and rear tyres as sizes can be different.

We can also help you, simply enter your registration number on the homepage and we'll show you a range of tyres suitable for your vehicle.

Please note tyre size in the car manual may be misleading if the manufacturers standard wheels are no longer fitted to the vehicle.

Which tyres are right for my car?

We can offer you a range of tyres to suit your vehicle.

New regulations around tyre performance labelling helps you make an informed tyre choice, learn more about how to understand tyre labelling here

We also have more information about the tyre brands we offer here

Once you've chosen your tyres, you are just one click away from arranging fitting at our tyre fitting centre at a time to suit you.

What is Tyre Performance labelling?

New European regulations passed on 1 November 2012 states all tyres must be labelled on their performance on wet roads, fuel economy, rolling distance and road noise.

The new tyre labels are very easy to read, they have the same colour coding letter rating system as white goods i.e. washing machines and fridges. Tyres are rated on a scale of A-G, A being the best. This is great news for consumers as you can now make an informed choice through performance rating.

You can read more about the areas of Performance here

You've not listed the tyre brand I want

We aim to offer a range of tyres to suit all budgets. Please call on 020 8952 6326


Why buy from Whitechruch Lane Tyres

Well there are many reasons! We offer unbeatable prices on the highest quality tyres, including the most famous brands. There are no hidden extras when you use the service. Our price includes fitting at our tyre fitting station, as well as free tyre valves and wheel balancing. We'll also dispose of your old tyres for you. Performance labelling helps you make an informed choice on the best tyres for you. You can learn more about how to understand tyre labelling here.

I've ordered the wrong size by mistake

Don't worry there is no charge. Please call us on 020 8952 6326 as soon as you can with the details of your current order and the changes you would like to make and we'll do the rest. Please note, we may have to change the fitting date depending on when you let us know.

Adverse Weather

We work closely with our suppliers and distribution team and will always aim to let you know if the weather has delayed the delivery of your tyres. If you are currently experiencing adverse weather in your area, please do get in touch with us on 020 8952 6326 to check your appointment before you travel. If you want to delay your fitting because of the weather we'd be happy to arrange for this you.

Pricing & Payment

What does the price of my new tyre(s) include?

There are no hidden extras; our price includes your tyres, fitting the tyres, as well as providing tyre valves, wheel balancing and the disposal of your old tyres. Payment will be taken when your tyres are fitted.

How do I pay?

You'll be asked for payment when the tyres are fitted. You will be able to pay by cash, debit or credit card.

Is there a fee for casing disposal?

No. The price you pay for your new tyres includes the disposal of old ones. Old casing is disposed of responsibly through a government registered environmental disposal company.

Can you arrange a puncture repair?

Yes, this is a service we offer. If you feel the puncture may be repairable, we recommend you visit us and ask us to take a look at your tyre so we can let you know if it can be repaired.

Can you arrange laser wheel alignment?

We can offer this service at an excellent rate.

Why do you need my contact details?

We ask for an email address so that we can send you confirmation of your order. We would also like to have a contact number for you so we can get in touch with you quickly with any questions about your order. We'll also send you confirmation of your order by text if you provide a mobile number.

Commonly Asked Motoring Questions

Why does my steering wheel vibrate at higher speeds?

Tyre wear, wheel alignment and imbalance can cause the steering wheel to vibrate. If you notice a vibration, it's important you ask a garage to check this for you. If left unchecked, the long-term effect could be higher fuel consumption, steering and braking problems.

Why does my car veer to one side?

Your vehicle may need to be re-aligned if it's pulling to one side. It's important that you ask a garage to check and correct this for you. Whilst low tread maybe a factor, it is unlikely that general wear and tear of tyres would cause this.

I've hit a kerb

You should check your tyres whilst straight for any noticeable impact, loss of pressure and tread damage. If the car is pulling to one side the alignment or balance may have been affected. It's important to ask a garage to check this for you.

How are wheels balanced?

Technicians use balancing machines and the right weights for your vehicles wheels.

General Tyre Terms

The definition of 4x4

A 4x4 is also known as an 'off road' vehicle. We can offer you great value on a range of big brand tyres for your 4x4. Simply enter your registration into home page.

The definition of RE

When you see RE, this means the tyre is reinforced. RE tyres are usually found on light vans, people carriers and sometimes on 4x4's and estate cars. Audi, Renault and Saab have recently began to endorse a new kind of reinforced tyre which offers an even better road grip for high performance and low profile cars.

6PR translated

6PR or 6 ply tyres are heavily constructed with further reinforcement known as 'ply'. These are used on light commercial vehicles. The average for most cars is 4 ply.

8PR translated

8PR or 8 ply tyres are heavily constructed with further reinforcement known as 'ply'. This is a second option for light commercial vehicles and 8PR means 8 ply. Extra steel reinforcement is used. The average for most cars is 4 ply.